Welcome to Vroedvrouw Margot. I am a caseload midwife with an holistic approach of pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. Holistic means that I look at both the physical and mental and emotional aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period. I do trust the natural process of the baby growing and being born. Every woman and man experiences this process different. I think it is important that you make – well informed – your own decisions, if you choose a home birth, an epidural, a caesarean, waterbirth, everything is valuable, it is your process.

In my care, time is an essential element. Time to get to know each other and discover and talk through the different aspects of pregnancy, birth and being a mother / father. This is why I take at least an hour per appointment. You can fill these appointments in however you want, with information, massage, exercises. I will be there during birth, at home or at the hospital. In the postpartum period I will visit you a few times.

Next to my regular midwifery knowledge I have experience with or knowledge about:
doula care • rebozo massage • Benkung Belly Binding • Spinning babies • carrying your baby (slings and carriers) • massage • menstrual cycle •

If you would like to meet to see if I could be your midwife: you can call or text me on 0654301929 or send me an email: vroedvrouwmargot@gmail.com. My practice is located at Helicongebouw, Socatreslaan 22a, Zeist at Mondays and Fridays, on other days we can meet at your house.

Your Dutch health insurance will cover regular midwifery care. I ask an extra compensation of € 700*. For this you get extra:
1 midwife • time: at least an hour each time we meet each other • during our sessions you can choose for extensive information, massage, exercises, we will fill it in with that you want/need • continuous support during labour • I stay with you when the medical care will be with an obstetrician • my back up midwives have the same vision as me

Your health insurance covers 140 kilometers, above that amount I ask € 0,38 per kilometer.

*If this extra compensation is a difficulty for you, please feel free to reach out to me and we will find a way that works for both of us.

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